Truly good interior design is an art form. In order to perfect our art form, our team has been trained in various forms of architecture, design and art. This allows us to pull from a variety of styles that best suit each project we work on. We work with each client to create a collaborative partnership process which allows clients to provide input while we show them what is ideal. We are first and foremost an interior design firm, but also provide renovation services, furnishing and new construction.

Initial Design Consultation

In the initial design consultation, we have a very straightforward and formulaic process. The primary goal of this first engagement is to develop an understanding of the space to be designed and the vision for it.

We begin by walking through the space with the client and talking to them about their desired vision and the feeling the space will embody after renovation. It's important for the client to detail the problem areas and explain to us how they think they can be addressed. This allows us to offer information about how the desired results can be achieved and at what cost.

It's at this point, where we have to discuss with customers the true costs of what they hope to achieve and whether that is within their budget. If it's more than their budget allows for then we discuss how the available funding can be best allocated to acquire the most effective results. Once we have been able to establish the budget available and what will be done we can begin discussing the timeline for the project. For those who might be worried about the budget, don't despair, we have not encountered a project yet where the budget has stopped us from achieving goals.

Once the client has agreed to the budget, timeline, scope of the work and other matters, we are able to initiate the project. It may take more than one meeting to achieve all of this and it will take several hours in the first meeting, so please keep this in mind.

Full Scale Interior Design Projects

We are proud to offer the ability to work with you whether you wish to refurnish a few rooms or completely renovate. Francis Interiors has done refurnishing projects spanning from one room to twenty-five rooms. We have also done the same for clients looking for complete renovation projects. We enjoy delighting clients every step of the way and working with them to provide the best results that leave them satisfied.

Here is a rough breakdown of a full-scale project:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Space Survey for Measurements
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Space Planning & Management
  • Selection of Finishes
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Design
  • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Decorative Lighting Design
  • Furniture & Fabric Selections
  • Custom Furniture Design & Production
  • Wall Covering Selections
  • Customized Window Treatments & Bedding
  • Purchasing, Procurement & Installation
  • Project Implementation & Supervision
  • Art Selection & Purchasing
  • Styling, Accessorizing & Staging

Interior Design Specific to Renovation Needs – Remodeling Projects

One of favorite areas of renovation at Francis Interiors is geared towards specialized renovations. Our expertise includes plumbing fixtures, architectural lighting, floors, tiles, stone and millwork. It's important to understand these specific renovation services are excellent for creating the perfect core structure of a home which translates into a higher resale value later on. We either bring the necessary architectural services to you and do them on sight or work with an architect remotely and then transport them to the home.

Design & Build

Francis Interiors Design Studio also has a contracting team under the same roof, previously known as Greek & Handy. We are a fully licensed and insured to work nearly everywhere in New York City. We only work with top craftsman and subcontractors. Furthermore, anything we design, we can build. By working with us for each step of your renovation project we can help you achieve significant savings and get the most for every dollar you spend.

General Contracting – Construction Supervision/Project Management

If you are a design professional (architect or interior designer), or a homeowner with a fully developed renovation plan and are looking for high-end general contracting services, then Francis Interiors is here for you. Our home improvement division is able to handle high-end Genera Contracting projects. We ensure the quality of the work and level of customer care provided are both top notch. Each design is filtered through our designer's eyes for attention to detail ensuring a superior finish.